Friday, August 12, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 12

Our addiction to technology trumps caffeine, chocolate and alcohol
DARPA issues statement on failed flight of hypersonic aircraft
The Higher-Education Bubble Has Popped
The gold rush is on
Super committee: Who are these guys?
Postal Service asks Congress
End of the Energy Subsidy Gravy Train
Bernanke Says Buy Stocks, Or Else!
The Growing Bipartisan Consensus on Obama
The British Riots
Postal Service mulls 20 percent workforce cut
Supercommittee member Rep. Becerra
Robert Rubin, Bank America and the fate of the dollar
Turkey Joins Greece, South Korea
EU Heads for Eurobond Clash Over Fiscal Union
France, Spain, Italy, Belgium Try to Halt Bank Rout
Electronic skin tattoo has medical, gaming, spy uses
All 6 Democrats on Deficit-Reduction Pane
HHS: Obamacare-Funded Health Centers for 'Migrants'
'Made in the USA' Requirement Pushed As Job-Creator for California
Obama Visits Corporation
US poised to call for Syria's Assad to go
If You Love Food, This Should Make You Angry
Whiplash for stocks may be the new norm
Postal Service plans to cut 120,000 jobs
What Can Replace the Dollar?
Military loses contact with hypersonic test plane
Most Americans say U.S. on wrong track
Italy turns on the 'parasites on society' in tax clampdown
Desperate Swiss eye euro peg to repel safe-haven flood
America Suffers When People Quit Moving Up
The Quiet War Against Wyoming's Wild Horses
Iraq haunts plans for post-Gaddafi Libya
Postal Service proposes cutting 120,000 jobs,
Cameron looks to U.S. for solutions on gangs
Lenders' fears could raise interest on student loans
Lenders’ fears could raise interest on student loans
Supercommittee: Super or surly?
Pentagon’s Mach 20 Missile Lost Over Pacific â€" Again

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