Thursday, August 4, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 04

Relax: it’s not all under control
Higher Taxes And Epic Tax Fight Are On The Horizon
Big banks fire thousands in Europe, but hiring in China
Barroso: EU moving too slow on debt crisis
Avoid Disaster, Get Out of U.S. Assets: Peter Schiff
Bill Gross says "Fed Approaching Dead End Unsolvable Dilemma"

The Longer End of the US Treasury Curve Looks Over Extended
Relative Performance of Gold and Silver
Job growth slows and layoffs rise to 16-month high, reports say
The Economics of US Healthcare
Made in China: Fake Stores
China loses trust in US economic stewardship
Super Congress:
Market Manipulation is Easy when Money is Free
Rep. Paul introduces bill
Wasatch Logo
8 Reasons Young Americans Don't Fight Back
J.C. Penney lays off 442, offers early retirement
California Hotel Foreclosures Jump 91%
China Joins Russia in Blasting U.S. Borrowing
Franc Plunges From Records
Pimco, BlackRock Say U.S. Economy
U.S. Service Industry Grows Less Than Forecast
The 2011 Gold Season is Just Around the Corner
Why the US Debt Limit Agreement is Only a Temporary Solution
Beware of Lurking EU Bank Runs
Services firms expand at slowest pace in 17 months
Second moon may have collided with our moon, say scientists
Facebook will destroy your children's brains
Greece in panic as it faces change of Homeric proportions
Opponents Of Debt Hike to be Barred From "Super Congress"
The Debt Crisis Is A Trojan Horse To Cause The Fall of America
Central Banks buy GOLD...
Mass layoffs in Illinois top 1,100, July report shows
The West's horrible fiscal choice
Inflating Our Way to Prosperity
With Debt Deal Finished, Will Geithner Quit Soon?
The Stealth Bank Run in Europe
Retirees suffer as home equity falls

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