Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Aug 03

A Few Thoughts on the Debt Ceiling Deal
Bank Officials Discuss Debt Impasse With Treasury
ISRAEL: Supreme Court orders demolition of West Bank settlement
U.S. employers expand health benefits coverage under reform
More Headwinds for the Housing Market?
The 2011 Gold Season is Just Around the Corner
Gold Seeker Closing Report:
Meet the new Super Congress
Boehner Repeals Murphy's Law
Why the District of Criminals is desperate to kill Social Security
The Debt Deal Won't Save America's Credit Rating
Wasatch Logo
Gold Choppy, US Reaching "End of Empire", Investors Have "No Safe Havens Left"
Silver May Rebound to Test $100 Level,
MoodyĆ¢€™s Affirms U.S. Ratings, Warns of Downgrades
Corporate Layoffs Increase as Economy Sputters
'The Bear Market Is Starting': Marc Faber
Cost of FAA Shutdown Could Exceed $1 Billion: LaHood
New Wave of Layoffs Suggests Jobs Report May Disappoint
'Fear Trade' and 'Love Trade' may push gold to $3000 or beyond
South Korea buys 25 tons of gold
Stocks Plunge on Growing Economic Concerns
Ben Bernanke, Please Call Your Office
Debt Deal is Just Smoke & Mirrors
Dollar Carry Trade Makes for Bond-Market Conundrum
Barack Obama hints at tax rises after US debt bill goes through Senate
The Super Congress We Did Not Elect
Former Comptroller General: "Sudden And Very Painful" Economic
Debt ceiling deal casts a bleak light on the future
Americans cut spending for first time in 20 months
Debt ceiling deal ignores real driver of deficits: healthcare costs
The Soaring Public Health Tab
Chinese rating agency cuts U.S. debt again
Reid Says FAA Shutdown Will Continue;
The Middle East's New Game
The Second Great Contraction
US recession fears grow as consumers curb spending
Europe's money markets freeze as crisis escalates in Italy and Spain
Wall Street tumbles despite debt deal agreement
Eurocontagion Spreads
5 Ways the Debt Crisis Changed Washington
Top Fund Sees Gold At $3,000; Stock Crash
Health Insurers Prefer 'Profits Over People'
What more can the Fed do now?
With debt deal, states brace for cuts in federal aid
Debt deal pits Pentagon against other security agencies
Fears of double-dip recession rise
Rush for rare earth may create Nebraska boomtown
That Which Is Too Fearful To Speak: The Demise of the Consumer Economy

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