Monday, June 27, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Jun 27

Nevermind Greece, Look at Britain's Deficit
Al Gore, Agenda 21 And Population Control
Another Step Closer To A One World Religion:
Russia, China sign deal to switch to trade in rubles, yuan
Russia, China Sign Deal to Switch to Trade in Rubles, Yuan
The Credit Default Swaps That Underlie the Greek Crisis
Battered-Homeowner Syndrome
Black Swans From New Normal
Fed Benefits from Global Fears
Sinclair says hold gold,
A Path to a Budget Pact
Obama's Oily Desperation
Why Raise Taxes Now?
Is The Economy Improving?
National Debt
The State Of The Economy
Why Are Food Prices Rising So Fast?
Chance Didn't Create the Current Economic Crisis
Wasatch Logo
Chris Hedges's Endgame Strategy
Earth in the Balance, Humankind on the Edge
Greece Update: Banks to Propose Rolling over 50% of Debt
The Latest FDIC Failed Bank List
A lesson from the gold standard
Rickards on Regulatory Capture, Corrupt Banks, and the Credit Default Swaps on Sovereign Defaults
Derivatives Cloud the Possible Fallout From a Greek Default
Inevitable Catastrophe: The Fruits of Moral Hazard on a Global Scale
Banks discuss new Greek rollover plan
Feigning Cluelessness, Helicopter Ben Fools No One
Iran's supreme leader accuses U.S. of terrorism
Trillion reasons why banks love mortgages
US Budget Office Warns on Debt Explosion
It's not only Greeks who've lost their marbles
Break-up of the euro could usher in a welcome new dawn for Europe
Fed Admits US Economy Struggling
The real cost of the Greek crisis
Libya: Nato 'trying to kill Col Gaddafi'
Inflation Hawks Need to Be Careful What They Wish For
The 10 Best U.S. States for Growth and Innovation
In Zimbabwe, Chinese Investment With Hints of Colonialism
Why Does the War Go On?
Soros and liberal groups seeking top election posts
Bernanke Lies Half Life Reduced To Under One Day As Aflac Scrambling To Shore Up Liquidity On European Exposure

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