Monday, May 2, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News May 02

Bernanke Holds First Press Conference in Fed History
Number of the Week: Millions Set to Lose Unemployment Benefits
Friday Bank Closing Report April 29, 2011
An Unstable Economy Wobbling Atop Unsound Money
Spend It Like You Stole It
Why the Feds are Powerless Against an Economic Downturn
The Fed Terminates QE, We Lower our GDP Forecast
Parallels to the 1970s Suggest Parabolic Move in Gold Ahead
Precious Metals vs. the USD
Open Letter From Ted Butler to Custodian of SLV Silver ETF
Why Unions Oppose Pay Incentives
The Sphinx Speaks!
Inflation Hawks and the Modern State
Gold at record highs! Dollar at 3-year lows! Don't panic
Debt ceiling fight is here
The "Greatest Trade Ever:"
Why Do Environmentalists Hate Capitalism?
The Worst Trade of All Time
Gadhafi Strikes Port After Kin Killed
New Tension Roils Israel
Thanks to Obama, Gas Jumps in a Flash
Treasured Landscapes: An Act…to steal land from the states
Adios, Jared Bernstein: Obama Brain Trust Almost Purged
Bubbleproof Stooge: After 5 Years,
Dollar Index Has Its Biggest Monthly Drop
Gold-Buying Central Banks May Signal Bullion
Commodities Beat Financial Assets in Longest Streak Since 1997
U.K., Italian Embassies in Tripoli Attacke
Unofficial Problem Bank list increases to 984 Institutions
Will Silver Go Above $50 and Stay There?
Eight reasons why Gold is going up
Uptrend in precious metals likely to continue next week
Yes, gold and silver are bubbles but made of steel
Critics Say Fed Policies Devalue The US Dollar
Superman threatens to renounce US citizenship
Fears in China as another human rights lawyer disappears
In Syria's rebel city 'they will shoot anything that moves'
IMF Says Next U.S. President Will Be The Last
Fed Launches the Most Fraudulent Market Manipulating Scheme Yet
Silver Rally Can't Stop to Breathe
Goolsbee on the Slowdown in U.S. Economic Growth
Here Comes Stagflation!
Bernanke Falls Flat
The Global Economy’s Corporate Crime Wave
Al Qaeda leader Bin Laden dead: U.S. officials
Shed a Tear: The Age of Broadband Caps Begins Monday

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