Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Apr 27

Why Investors Are Buying Silver As If There Is No Tomorrow
Rights group: EU must end 'faustian pact' with Syria
Berlusconi and Sarkozy to seek tightening
Eisenbeis: What's A Central Bank To Do Besides Printing Money, Pursue A Hidden Agenda?
Big Oil's $4 billion tax break in doubt
On the 25th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Disaster
Currency Wars and the International Monetary System
Turkey is on the Menu
Home Prices Near Recession Low
Geithner Presses GOP on Debt Vote
U.S. Clears Merger of Southwest, AirTran
Weak Greenback Could Make Firms See Red
Dollar's Decline Speeds Up, With Risks for U.S.
Lee Warns of Further Inflation for U.S.
Bernanke's Code: a Guide to Fed Chairman's First Q&A
Silver Rush Spreads to Stock Market
American Hellholes
Inflationary pressures bullish for gold and silver
Greece and Portugal debts worse than expected
Investors stampede into a modern-day silver rush
Obama faces critical decision on Afghan troop withdrawal
Watching the health insurers
5 tough questions for Ben Bernanke
Alternative inflation gauge goes dark briefly
Buy gold
Geithner talks tough on U.S. dollar
Post-QE2 plans the focus of Bernanke conference
S&P cuts Japan rating outlook to negative
Wall Street dealers warn over debt ceiling
UK has third biggest budget deficit in Europe
Hole in Greek finances bigger than thought as bond flight continues
EU poised for Greece crisis talks
Bill calls for $20,000 fee for each california foreclosure
Out of Touch, Again
The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

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