Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Apr 26

Job Descrimination Against The Jobless
Silver Surges to Record, But Inflation-Adjusted High Still Far Away
Price of gold means panning supplies and metal detectors are flying off shelves
A U.S. debt downgrade isn't the real problem
Mixed Earnings Reports Weigh On Stocks
New Home Sales Rose In March After Weak Winter
What's a Central Bank to Do?
Anatomy of a Crisis: 2011
Gold Standard Would Require Minimum of $3,675 Per Ounce
The "Miracle" of Compound Inflation
Why Inflation Won’t Fix the Debt Problem
Kleptocracy and Corporate Taxes
S&P sticks with 'negative' outlook for California
Silver: $50 milestone coming 'any day now'
The Politics of the Debt Ceiling
Mainstream Media Puts Good Spin On Bad Real Estate Market
Gold and silver prices jump to new record highs
Give Me Life, Liberty and a Tank of Cheap Gas
Japan's Terrifying Day Saw Unprecedented Exposed Fuel Rods
Silver, Gold Rise to Records on Bets China's Demand Will Climb
U.S. Home Prices May Decrease 6% to 11% This Year,
Crude Oil out of control; Silver in parabolic state
Syria sanctions planned by US after Deraa assault
Apple: We 'must have' comprehensive user location data on you
Why the IMF’s Projection about China Can't be Trusted
Fed chief Ben Bernanke faces decision on inflation
The Price of Silver is Rising and this Time There are No Scapegoats
IMF bombshell: Age of America nears end
Russell endorses gold manipulation thesis
US Dollar Frail, Tokyo Stocks Slip, Gold Shines
Why the Silver Market Has Gone Nuts
Syria: army uses tanks against the people in day of bloodshed
Underwater homeowners who walk are more credit savvy
Americans depend more on federal aid than ever
Affordable rental housing scarce in U.S., study finds
Buffett Turns Against the US Dollar, Advises Against Investing in US
The politics and economics of a falling dollar
Supreme Court won't expedite health care ruling
Customers Sue Apple Over iPhone Location-Data Collection

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