Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Apr 20

Is the Precious Metals Train Changing Speed or Direction?
Discovering Gold’s Utility Behind America's Triple-A Façade
The Dollar's Surprising Reaction to a Negative US Debt Outlook
Why S&P's Official Statement is Nothing But a Joke
Builder Outlook Falls Ahead of Spring Season
Poll:  US Economy Improving Despite Global Events
Debts Just Don't Disappear
The FDIC and the Federal Reserve
$5,000 Gold and $300 Silver are Credible Numbers
Gold to Re-Enter World Monetary System
Debt, Deficit and Inflation
How High Will Silver Go?
Obama Blames 'Speculators' For High Gas Prices
Riding the Silver Bull: Worry If It Gets to Triple Digits This Year
Timothy Geithner moves to allay market concerns
Leaving money to children is not a priority for baby boomers
The U.S. could lose its AAA credit rating?
Dollars Flow Back Into Tech
Geithner Defends U.S. on Debt
Budget Cuts are Meaningless Without Fed Transparency
Morgan Stanley Defaulted On Loan And Walked Away From Commercial Office Building In Japan
Bernanke May Reinvest Maturing Deb
Fiscal Conservatives Dodge $10 Trillion Debt
Geithner Sees Progress Toward Accord
China's 'Shift in Rhetoric' May Signal Faster Yuan Gains
Gold May Gain to Record Above $1,500
Is gold money the safest in the world?
Precious metals rally and gold hoarding by US universities
Silver rise not unexpected for those who are into it
FHA Loans Looking Eerily Similar to Their Subprime Predecessor
Obama fights back against S&P move
The debasement of world currency:
Gasoline prices climb in California and the nation
Surprise warning on U.S. debt comes as Washington inches away from gridlock
Fed offers up two options for protecting lenders
Foreclosure system in chaos
Libya rebels will receive $25 million from U.S.
Dead mules and the Big Sleep

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