Monday, April 18, 2011

Interesting Headlines in the News Apr 18

Belarus halts sales of gold for roubles
Bank Of America Still Haunted By Ghosts Of Mozilo, Lewis
America, poised for a hyperinflationary event?
35 Statistics That Show The Average American Family
The End Of An Empire And The Beginning Of A Depression
Six Banks Shuttered; Makes 34 Closed in 2011
Consumers Feel the Pinch of Pricier Gas and Groceries
Gasoline Averaging $4 a Gallon In Five States
America Is a "Failed State" with a "Dual Justice System
Japan's Nuclear Volcano Erupts
A Run On the Central Bank of Belarus
A Run On the Central Bank of Belarus as Devaluation Fear Forces Halt to All Gold Sales
Rate Hikes by Foreign Central Banks
Emerging Nations Reject Capital Plan
IMF Believes Greece Should Consider Debt Restructuring By 2012
U.S. to Aid Japanese, Push Deal on Korea
Chaos on House floor
Moody's Cuts Ireland by Two Notches, Euro Falls
World Bank president: 'One shock away from crisis'
Obama $1 Trillion Tax Proposal Slams Into Republican Wall
China's Economy Expands More-Than-Forecast 9.7% as Inflation Accelerates
Fed Policy Makers Differ Over Policy as Inflation Accelerates
Losing 84 Cents on Dollar Reveals Runaway U.S. Public Pensions
Runaway Public Pensions Betrayed by Fraud, Abuse
Obama Sees Libya 'Stalemate,' Qaddafi̢۪s Eventual Departure
Inflation worries adding further fuel to Gold's rally to record highs
Metals Outlook: Gold, Silver to remain volatile
Silver to gain $5-10 a day when mania starts
U.S. Budget Impasse and its significance for gold and silver
Debt: The first five thousand years
Lenny Dykstra arrested, charged with embezzling from his estate
Fed's Exit Doors Close: Inflationary Spiral Ahead
The Grand Compromise
Here's the Setup for the Con of the Decade
G20 turns spotlight on shortcomings of big economies
G20 backs early-warning plan against future crises
Emerging markets bristle at capital control limits
History of Bretton Woods
US consumer inflation gains most in 15 months
Jim Grant On Inflation:

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