Thursday, March 31, 2011

Episode 14 - Vehicle maintenance and tips to save you money

Welcome to another episode of the Be Prepared Channel. In this podcast we talk about how the global supply chain can affect you and your vehicle. We talk about tips and sources of information that can save you a lot of time, headaches, and money. Recommended things you should know, and things you should consider having on hand in your spares kit for your vehicle. And of course we touch upon upgrades/improvements to your vehicle that potentially could make your car more efficient, and more reliable.

Useful URL's to sites referenced in this podcast: (hypermiler central!) (the modder's home for all things you can tweak) (Home for the Honda Insight, my current project car) (home for all things turbo diesel in the car world) (great place for consumer reviews on vehicles so you can get an idea of what the common failure or problems are with any vehicle, one you own, or one your planning to buy)

In the News:
Obama fails 'Nixon to China' budget moment
Top 10 Dying Industries
Fed to Name Banks That Sought Funding During Crisis
Threats Claim Nuclear Bombs Hidden All Over U.S.
Going Broke: Treasury Down to $58.6B in Cash
Obama in 2002: Toppling Brutal Dictator a 'Dumb War'
When Gold Becomes Money Again
Home Price Declines Deepen in Major US Markets
Gadhafi Push Tests the Coalition Strategy
CIA Operatives Are Aiding Rebels
Radiation Traces Found in U.S. Milk
The Inflation Knuckleball
Massive Capital Wave Approaches Gold
G-20 Criticism of Fed Easing May Be Muted at Meeting in China
Ohio House passes collective bargaining bill
Lawmakers Resume Testy Budget Talks to Avert Shutdown
Real Estate Crash Catches Up to U.S. Municipalities
Japan Weighs Entombing Nuclear Plant on Chain Reaction Risk
Bill Gross Says Treasuries Have Little Value, Echoing Buffett
Qaddafi Forces Gain on Rebels as His Foreign Minister Quits
Wisconsin Anti-Union Law Faces New Hurdle
How Low Will Home Prices Go?
Big Banks Lose: Mortgage Risk Retention Doesn't Expire
As Housing Recovery Lags, Rental Business Set to Boom
Chinese demand powers global gold market
Gold, silver still influenced by Japan gloom
Obama signs secret order giving the CIA the green light
Arming Libya rebels not allowed by UN resolutions
Obama calls for cut in US oil imports by a third
Israel fears the alternative if Syria's Assad falls
CIA officers in Libya are aiding rebels, U.S. officials say
Case-Shiller: Home Price Double-Dip Materializing
MBA Expresses "Profound Concern" Over Risk Retention Proposals
Obama authorizes secret help for Libya rebels
Fed drains $750 million of reserves via reverse repo
Ohio Legislature approves bill limiting bargaining rights
Stricken Portugal 'lacks the cash to meet debt payments'
A New Plan for Homeowners That Protects Taxpayers, Too
Greenspan and Barofsky on Mending the Financial System
The New American Ghost Towns
Microsoft’s Odd Couple
In Libya, CIA is gathering intelligence on rebels
Syria's Assad offers no concessions, blames protests on 'big conspiracy'

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