Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beginning the Urban Homestead - Some video of my place and starting our homestead transformation

Welcome to the Be Prepared Channel. I have been promising you guys for a long time to do some video. Frankly the battle to do a nice high quality video production like so many people are doing is just overwhelming as far as the time available and to do a polished job. So you know what? I decided to heck with it! I have a cell phone with a camera, so I am going to just shoot some fast unpolished, shakey, rough video and just share it. If you guys like it and it is useful we will expand the number of shoots and product reviews so that you can see the things we are doing around the house in our "Year of the homestead". We are taking a bare bones basic house in a high plains desert environment in Colorado and we are going use permaculture to attempt to green the desert. So I want you guys to see what I have been working on so far and what it looks like at these early stages so you can see the progress and the outcome of this experiment as we attempt to transform desert lawn into a thriving growing space with minimal watering(goal is no watering, but we will see how it goes).

So I hope you enjoy the videos. I took a few more but they apparently exceed the YouTube size limit so I will have to reshoot those and get the posted. Let me know what you think and what you want to see as we go along with our projects. If your in the Colorado area and have some projects of your own happening give me a shout and I would love to see what your doing and maybe shoot some video or do a podcast with you.

Permaculture Beginnings - My Front Yard

Permaculture Beginnings - My Backyard

Prepper Essentials - Composting and compost bins

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