Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lowes Storage Shelves Update

Well just a real quick update on the Lowes storage shelves. I ran over to Lowes today to pickup those storage shelves I told you about yesterday. I arrived at the Lowes that reportedly had lots of them in stock. I walked into the store and they had a prominent display with the shelves in the main aisle, but the shelves were marked $76 and some change. Needless to say I wasn't happy. I went back to the aisle that has the storage shelves on the normal display and the price was the same there as well. I went looking for a sales associate to ask them to check the price. I had already looked it up on the internet and had confirmed the price was suppose to be $49. I found an associate and I informed her of my problem. She went to go look it up. She came back a few minutes later and informed me that the price was in fact $49. So I was able to confirm the price is actually $49, but it is not marked that way in the store. So if your in the market for some shelves check these out. They are a great deal for the money. I snagged a few of them and got them home. I assembled a couple of them today and started shuffling boxes and items around the garage onto the shelves and have started to make a dent in the mess. I have boxes and stuff up to my eyeballs right now and these shelves are going to be a big help. Hopefully I will get time after work tomorrow to move some more stuff around and assemble the last shelf and free up some more space. I will have to start going through boxes next and start tossing anything that I cannot find a home for. There is just no room in a small place to be a pack rat. You have to do a major house cleaning a couple of times a year to get rid of excess stuff and junk just to keep things functional and usable.

So get on down to Lowes and check out the $49 deal on those shelves. They are pretty rugged, and the price cannot be beat. I will catch ya later.....


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