Saturday, December 4, 2010

Great deals on shelving and canned storage shelves

Just a quick update for the followers of the Be Prepared Channel. Today I was over at Costco and saw a large display for Shelf Reliance. These folks have been featured on several podcasts and other survivalist/prepper forums, web sites, and stores. Today I got to see them up close. What Shelf Reliance is in a nutshell is a shelving system that allows you to rotate your canned goods for food storage. You put your newest purchased items in the top and they naturally rotate to the bottom as you use items from your shelf system. This way your always using the oldest canned goods first and ensures rotation of these items. Remember our food plan is about eating what you store and storing what you eat. Costco had a variety of models on display and the limited time sale price was frankly unbeatable. So I had to splurge and pickup one of these larger units and a couple of smaller can rotation units for the cupboard. These units routinely sell for $450 at normal prices. I see they have sale on their web site for $321, but if you run over to your local Costco they have a sale from Dec 4th - 12th at my local Costco for $269 for the 72" Harvest unit like the one seen here. They had a variety of sizes from smaller cupboard size to larger pantry sizes, stackable units, and a couple of the larger units. So do yourself a favor if you have been thinking about one of these units for can goods storage and rotation now is the time to take advantage of this sale. The products were in stock at the store and no shipping charges or any of that nonsense.

Now for the second deal on storage shelving was brought to my attention by the Utah Preppers blog. Lowes has a sale on some heavy duty industrial shelves. I own some of these already, but I just happen to be in the market to expand my shelving to deal with all of my prepping supplies and other storage needs in my very very limited amount of space I have in my home. So this looks like a godsend at just the exactly perfect timing for me. I thought I should share this deal with you as well. Lowes has these shelves on sale for $49 each. When I bought mine at Lowes a few years ago they were like $120 each. Utah Preppers mentions that Sam's club has them on sale for $72 and that Lowe's current every day price is $99. I have not been over to Sam's Club in a while so I don't know if that is the case here locally. Since Lowe's isn't far away, and the price is a LOT less than that reported at Sam's I think I will be running over to Lowes tomorrow to get the rest of my shelving I needed to finish my garage and shed storage needs. Here is the link to Lowe's. You might want to plug in your zipcode and see if these are on sale in your area. Frankly the price is hard to beat and these shelves truly are heavy duty industrial strength shelves. I give them 2 thumbs up.

Well that is my quick update. We managed to get most of our stuff packed out of Nebraska and returned to Colorado. Now the tough part is trying to jam two households of stuff into one very small house with no basement or room for storage. We are up to our neck in boxes and stuff we have had in storage for the last few years. We have been bouncing around the country following jobs so much of our stuff has been in storage boxes which means we ended up over time buying other things we needed only to now end up with duplicate items between what we had in boxes and what we were using on a daily basis. It really is crazy stuff. So with all this stuff and my prepping supplies taking up precious space I am filtering through boxes and trying to find a place to put things. This is my reason for looking at storage shelves. The funny thing is I was just at Costco pricing the Whalen storage shelves today when I stumbled on the Shelf Reliance food storage system stuff. I was surprised, and very thankful for such a sale at just the time I am looking to get a better handle on my food storage plan. With very little room in this house organization is key to getting a handle on what you have, what you need, and developing a game plan for how to tackle it. Then this evening I noticed the post on Utah Preppers about the storage shelves which I already own being on sale for $49 a piece and this is just too good to be true. God does answer prayers and this appears to be a gift that couldn't have come at a better time. We are very thankful!

God Bless,

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