Friday, September 7, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 07

Joe Biden: Obama Cares About People,

J.P. Morgan Still Faces More Senate Testimony


KORUS â€" Another NAFTA-Like Trade Deal
Eurozone D-Day:

ECB to buy Spanish bonds, but with strings attached
Bernanke Says Fed Ready to Act But Short on Specifics
"The Economy Stole My Retirement"
The printing press is running hot, but where is inflation and how will it affect gold?
ECB Widens Rescuer, Enforcer Roles In Eurozone Crisis
On the Economy, Obama Is No Clinton
America's 10 Most Polluted States
Natural Gas Wars: A Look at Gazprom's Underhand Tactics
Iraq's Oil Exports Hide Broader Problems
Bill Clinton's Sham Night
False Choices From a Failed Messiah
God Among the Democrats and Republicans
In Government Obama Trusts
Surveying a Ravaged Economy
$83,046 For A 3 Hour Hospital Visit -

Are You Better Off?

Some of the Really Bad Things That Could Happen if You Do Not Prepare tor the Coming Economic Collapse
Pro-Romney groups go dark in Michigan
White House circulating draft

Obama to invoke Roosevelt in asking voters for reelection
2012 Election FARCE
LIBOR Rates.
How Democrats Lost Their Way on Abortion
JPMorgan Said to Face Escalating Senate Probe of CIO Loss
Transcript: Bill Clinton's remarks at the DNC
Bank of America Heist:

Gold may reach all time high of $2,000/oz

No CB Solutions: Liquidity vs Insolvency
Where There's Smoke, There's Fire
Does Bernanke Hate Old People?
All About Draghi's ECB Purchase
The Only 'Big Idea' Coming Out of the

West whacks Dem foe for 'God' omission
Ping-Pong and Political Economy
Public Health versus Private Freedom?
The Bailout: By The Actual Numbers
Foreign central banks' U.S. debt holdings rise: Fed
The New Plan to Save Europe

'This Guy Hates Us': Why Wall Street Turned Against Obama
Were Democrats Actually Listening to What Clinton Said?
Dumb and Dumber
Where's the War on Lethal Superbugs?
China's currency reforms may make 'get tough' promise moot
Obama asks voters for more time to finish work
Joe Biden DNC Speech Complete:

Todd Akin: It's 2010 all Over Again

2012 Barack Obama DNC Speech

Keiser Report: Interregnum of Insanity (E337)
Obama: The Words God and Jerusalem don't just walk off a page from the DNC Platform
Michelle Obama DNC Speech 2012 Complete:
NAFTA Superhighway Just Some Facts
New North American Shipping Waterway/

Krauthammer on Cllinton Speech
2012 Barack Obama DNC Speech

Ron Paul 2012: The Real Inside Story.
2012 Barack Obama DNC Speech

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