Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Jan 10

Netherlands Urged to Repatriate Gold Reserves
As home prices fall, more borrowers walk away
Rights? In The New America You Don’t Get Any Rights
Rights? In The New America You Don’t Get Any Rights!
Iran, Russia Replace Dollar

Euro Falls to a 15-Month Low Against the Dollar
Fed Will be Forced to Ease Again Soon, Morgan Stanley
Foreign Central Banks Cut US Treasuries
Forbes: Regulators and Trustees

Netflix users watch 2 billion hours of video in fourth quarter
Unemployment Drop Masks Ongoing Decline
U.S. Economy’s Challenges

Geithner Seeks China’s Support on Iran
US Debt Is Now Equal to Economy
Gold and silver: When and why to buy
Goldman: Base metals predection 2012
Physical silver hits a record 30% premium over spot
Will silver prices be boosted by Investments in China?
Why Bernanke has Failed, and Will Continue to Fail
Leading Indicators and the Risk of a Blindside Recession
Debt, Trade Imbalances, and Currency Wars
US Economic Forecast for 2012 and the Election Year Cycle
Soros Said to Buy Gold Again Late Last Year
Kodak prepares for Chapter 11 filing
Goldman sees massive upside risk in oil prices
Gold eases on technical selling
Consumer credit surges by most since 2001
Iranian, Venezuelan leaders rebuff U.S., joke about bomb
Hostess may file for Chapter 11 again
SOPA Is a Symbol of the Movie Industry's Failure to Innovate
Will the Iran Sanctions Spark an International Oil Crisis?
The North Korea-ification of Iran
Amir Mirzaei Hekmati,

Messages mixed on unions, health care in Ohio vote
Wisconsin Gov. Walker: Unions 'want me dead'
Iran too close for U.S. comfort
Geeks to Testify (Finally!)

Copyright Lawyers Oppose SOPA …

IAEA Confirms Iran Has Started 20% Uranium Enrichment

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